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Welcome to my website!

I am extremely excited to offer some new ideas and make some positive changes in the city of Orem.

While I have been campaigning, I have been asked a few of the same questions. "What made you decide to run, what experience have you had, are you conservative, and what do you plan to do for Orem?" Especially since I am a new face in Orem's political world, it is important that people learn about who I am.

Throughout my whole life I have felt as if I had a specific purpose on this Earth. After living much of my life in numerous countries all over the world where people had to physically fight to achieve what they believed was right, I learned what that purpose was. I came back to America with that empowerment and determination that I saw in those people and fell in love with our country even more. Seeing the potential our system of government holds, I thought to myself, "why can't we make our government work to the best of its ability to serve the people the way they want to be served?" A huge percentage of the people I have spoken to don't feel Orem is responding to their needs, and they feel left out of the city's actions. Every resident of Orem should feel included and informed on issues without having to put forth tremendous effort. Having an open, transparent, and efficient government will be one of my top priorities.

As for my experience, I have had a diverse history working with government on a local, county, and state level. I have worked with the Mayor’s Office of Salt Lake City, Utah Clean Cities Coalition, Senator Liz Krueger of New York, Salt Lake Solutions, and the Office of Diversity and Human Rights of Salt Lake City’s Mayor’s Office. I am now prepared to be able to put my knowledge and experience to work for the great city of Orem.

It is my belief that being a conservative or liberal candidate is irrelevant in this race, because when it comes down to it, Mayor’s shouldn’t have their own agendas—they should be responding to the needs of their fellow citizens. If elected, my agenda will be to serve the citizens, as a public servant should, to the best of my ability.

To answer the final question, there is a lot that I plan to do for Orem. As a concerned Orem resident, I am well aware of the issues and demands of the city. You can learn about what I plan to do for Orem by visiting my "Issues" page. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn a bit about who I am and where I stand in this election.

If you interested in contributing your time, energy, or to make a financial contribution, please visit my “Donate/Volunteer” page.

To contact me for questions, comments, criticism or opinions, please visit my “Contact Steve” page.  For pictures of me and my staff/volunteers running the campaign, please visit my “Pictures” page.

And finally, to stay updated on all of the latest events or news for my campaign, please visit my “News and Events” page.

I look forward to serving you.

Steve Golieb For Mayor * 827 S Main Street * Orem * UT * 84058