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It is important that we not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but actually take steps to promote it. As residents of Orem, we are all truly fortunate to be located in an ideal environment for all sorts of outdoor activities, whether pursued individually or through organized activities such as local marathons and triathlons. I would like the city to do all it can to promote healthy living by doing some of the following:

-Make races easier. Orem already supplies volunteer officers for big events such as triathlons or marathons, but I think Orem can do more by going that “extra mile” (pun intended). The City can become more “user friendly” for these events when appropriately scheduled by blocking off roads or sections of roads, donating traffic cones or other useful equipment necessary to conduct a race, and working with event organizers to make sure the proposed route is the safest and most practical for the race without creating undue interference with business and traffic. I also plan on promoting the use of Orem’s public facilities such as the Orem Recreational Center and Scera Park both for everyday use as well as big events that support the idea of a healthier lifestyle.

-Build more bike/run lanes and paths. Without enough bike or running lanes/paths, exercising in much of Orem can be a dangerous activity whether you’re a child or experienced runner or biker. By installing designated lanes for bikers and runners, accidents will decrease dramatically, parents will feel safer, and the city will have taken a small, inexpensive step towards promoting a healthier lifestyle.

-Offering help on staying healthy. I would like to create a resource of information on programs and health issues from eating habits to exercise. This is a small but crucial step in encouraging Orem to be a healthy and fit city. I would like to develop a City “all-in-one” website to inform the citizens about the amazing exercise programs that the city currently offers with schedules; provide information on how to best develop a healthy workout routine; and be a resource that will provide information about healthier eating, cholesterol information, important pregnancy tips, and much more. This website will also list all upcoming fitness-related activities in the city, including triathlon races, swim meets, etc.

Steve Golieb For Mayor * 827 S Main Street * Orem * UT * 84058