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Environmental issues are always controversial, but my plan is to make Orem a safer place to live by making environmental changes that will not negatively affect businesses or residents. Utah County has among the worst air quality in the entire country. Orem should do its part in protecting the elderly, children, and people who already have respiratory problems by reducing our air pollution. However, it is important to ensure that any change of law will balance rights and conveniences with the important goal of reducing pollutants. That is how I plan to approach issues regarding the environment.

-It is crucial to do as much as I can as mayor to protect the natural habitat surrounding Orem to encourage tourism and to provide the residents close-by recreational spots. Currently, Rock Canyon is in danger of becoming closed off for recreational use due to mining. As mayor I will do everything I possibly can to end Rock Canyon from becoming mined, and I will always be an advocate of preserving our beautiful surroundings.

-It is important that the city not only encourages residents to take steps to create a cleaner atmosphere for themselves and their families, but it is just as important that the city takes their own steps as well. If elected, every year I will move to convert a certain percentage of city vehicles (police cars, maintenance trucks, etc.) to run on natural gas. Not only will it clean up Orem's act environmentally, but it will also save the city a large amount of tax-payer money which can be better spent for the community.

Steve Golieb For Mayor * 827 S Main Street * Orem * UT * 84058