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One of the most difficult things to face as a parent or as an educator is the fact that too many kids drop out of school. It is crucial that teachers feel rewarded for their extremely difficult job even if we, as a community, cannot afford a higher pay scale. The following are some of the first things I will do while in office if elected:

-I believe that the City should put forth some effort to show its appreciation for the difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks of our public servants, not just teachers but also firemen, policemen and EMTs. If elected, I will work with local businesses (including restaurants and retail stores) to encourage them to offer discounts to City and public workers. It is the least the City can do to show their appreciation for the demanding work public servants perform.

-It is important that the City and school district do everything they can to encourage kids to stay in school. If elected, I will start a new program in which high school students can volunteer to teach elementary and junior high students the importance of staying in school for their future. This program will be designed around a recent senior project from Mountain View High School (MVHS) that I was fortunate to learn about at a recent presentation. I will work closely with the school board to give high school students an incentive to volunteer, such as getting credit for their time and effort.

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