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More Rights for Homeowners

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It is unfortunate that often, in order for one to build something as simple as a tree house or a shed on their own property the City must get involved. It is even illegal for people to collect rain water for their own usage. It is my belief that there should not be endless amounts of limitations and restrictions. If elected, giving more rights to home and land owners will be one of the first issues I will work on. The following are some changes I would like to make if elected:

-I will seek to have removed many of the restrictions given to homeowners, which will allow simple construction to be permitted without permission of the City. There will still be restrictions on how close one can build objects or structures next to neighboring property, and other neccessary restrictions that keep neighbors safe and happy and health code standards high.

-I will move to make it legal to use rainwater that falls on your own property for your own usage, as long as it complies with health standards.

-I will move to make it legal and encourage people to grow different varieties of grass or grass-like plants (with certain limitations to keep invasive species or other harmful plants out of Orem) that are more water-efficient. I will also, if elected, offer a downloadable booklet on ways to use the front of your yard more efficiently and less costly than as a traditional grass lawn.

Steve Golieb For Mayor * 827 S Main Street * Orem * UT * 84058